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The Way We Work

International business development through
building relationships, reputation and influence

Building a strong professional relationship takes time. When you’re working to develop and grow your business, or open a new branch or office somewhere new, time is something that is in short supply. But, that’s where Motorawa can help!
Our experience and years in the event management and business consultancy industries means we already have a lot of excellent working relationships with people to help support your plans. Whether you need to understand exactly how to bring a new business to Saudi Arabia, to upgrade your HR, marketing, finance or IT process or to grow your start-up to a well-known SME or integrate, we have the relationships and know-how to make that happen.

Supporting a unique global public-private

We’ve honed our expertise in working with Public Sector, Government run projects and combining them with the right private sector services provider. Ensuring a public sector project delivers on value for money, planning, implementation through to the final delivery is something we pride ourselves on doing well.
Because we understand what the Government needs and how different businesses operate, our extensive network of business relationships mean we only ever put forward the right company for the right PPP project. This ensures the project is a success and that the business involved gains a positive outcome, too.

Developing a program to alleviate
poverty through improved sanitation

Corporate Social Responsibility is important to us at Motorawa and that why we’re developing a program to ease the stress of poverty through improved sanitation, across Saudi Arabia and the world.
Water stress is something many countries still experience today. The supply of renewable, freshwater is becoming increasingly low in some countries and we want to help bring better access to sustainable drinking water to as many people as we can.
We’re supporting this by encouraging investment in sustainable hygiene and sanitation projects by the Government promote the protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems, including forests, mountains and rivers to relieve water the ongoing water shortages across the globe.