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Welcome to motawara

About Us

Motowara is an independent business and brand management consultancy. Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and expanding to Jeddah, we have the experience and passion to help your business grow and move into new markets, smoothly and with an impact.
We understand the importance of following the rules and doing things in the right way. We want to share our knowledge, experience and abilities with the many businesses who operate here and those who want to bring their brand to the people who live here.

Our close professional relationships with a cross-section of business and regulatory experts across Saudi Arabia, mean we understand everything you need to expand your business into our beautiful country.

We also specialise in the Medical Facilities sector, supporting the growth of healthcare across the country and giving companies based outside of Saudi Arabia, the support and knowledge they need to expand here.
Motawara’s expert team can support your relationship and brand building plans. And when you need to showcase your brand and show exactly what you can do, we will help you organise and host the perfect event for your needs! Whether you want a small and intimate gathering or a memorable exhibition, we can help you achieve that on time and on budget.

Our team can help you achieve your business dreams, no matter what they are!

Motawara’s Business scope

Our passion and hard work over the years, means we have built up professional expertise in a number of industries. This allows us to support a broad base of clients.
Our team is experienced and well equipped to support business and brand management consultancy needs in areas including:

  • Leadership Management Strategies.
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies.
  • Business Remodelling Plans.
  • Branding Strategies & Roadmap Plans.
  • Operational Plans.

That is just a small selection of the industries and business requirements we work hard to solve for our clients.
We work closely with all our clients from every industry, around the world to discover their exact needs. Motawara’s expert team then build a solution that will ensure your business takes the best course to achieve your goal in the right time frame.

Our business consultancy team has a combined experience of over 30 years, which means there are few challenges they haven’t witnessed and overcome. Indeed, those challenges fuel our passion and drive us forward to find the perfect solution to your transformation, expansion and growth ambitions.

Our Goal

To help businesses achieve their business goals and beyond, in the right way for their company.
Whether you’re navigating your way through expansion, downsizing, or improving your core business delivery methods, the Motorawa team are help you achieve it.

Our Vision

Motawara want to see every business achieve their goals and gain the infrastructure and confidence to exceed their expectations and push boundaries – in their own industry and around the world.


– Medical Senior Engineer Consultant.
– Over 24 years experience as facility director engineer at medical field.
– Worked with largest medical groups (Semins , Mowasat hospital group , Magrabi
optical hospital group )
– Leader & Senior management consultant.
– Over 27 years of experience in leading and managing organizations.
– Total growth of 40 million revenue.
– Marketing and sales senior consultant.
– Over 7 years experience in marketing strategies and sales plan.
– Worked in multi-national countries UBER Malaysia as Marketing Manger .
– Business development Manager for RA intense enterprise.
– Marketing manager at AWJ holding for real state.
– Marketing director for Motwara since 2016.
– Total growth 12 million revenue.